Marc Salit

Genome-Scale Measurements You Can Trust

Marc Salit, Ph.D. Leader, NIST Genome-scale Measurements Group
Consulting Professor, Department of Bioengineering, Stanford University
Co-Director, Joint Initiative in Metrology in Biology      

Marc Salit and his team in the Material Measurement Lab at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) are dedicated to technology development and measurement infrastructure supporting biology and biotechnology, including standards, reference data, predictive models, genome-scale measurement methods, and the engineering of living matter. He has worked extensively in measurement science in chemistry and physics, with emphasis on precision measurements, lab automation, algorithm development, measurement uncertainty, traceability, and standards development. His research is now focused on bringing experience from the chemical metrology community to the emerging biometrology community.  

Most recently, Marc’s team is best known for convening and hosting the Genome in a Bottle Consortium, and development of the first whole human genome reference materials to support regulated applications of NextGen DNA sequencing. Earlier work led to the development of standards from the External RNA Control Consortium, the widely used ERCC spike-­‐in RNA controls.  

Marc now leads the NIST team in Palo Alto, California, embedded full-­‐time on the Stanford main campus. He is working together with faculty from the School of Engineering and School of Medicine to build a new Joint Initiative for Metrology in Biology (JIMB), a public-­‐private-­‐academic collaboration platform to develop the critical measurement science and standards for the 21st Century of Biology.

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