Ken Mallone

Ken Mallone is a serial entrepreneur and founder principal of Early Charm Ventures LLC, which services local early stage ventures by catering to their need for creative business finance and flexible business structures to convert science into economic value. He also serves as a co-founder or top management team of multiple startups and also serves as an entrepreneur-in-residence for BioHealth Innovation.

Matt Miessau

Matthew Miessau has been an analyst at Epidarex Capital since 2014. He focuses on conducting due diligence on prospective fund investments as well as sourcing and analyzing opportunities for Epidarex’s strategic investors. Miessau is also an instructor at the National Institutes of Health Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences, teaching biomedical business development for scientists. 

Arti Santhanam

Arti Santhanam is director of the Maryland Innovation Initiative (MII) at the Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO). In this role, he manages the $5.6 million MII program, investing in commercialization and start-up companies spun out of five participating universities. With a multidisciplinary background and over 20 years of experience, she offers expertise for conception, design and delivery of technical and commercialization solutions for start-ups. She holds a master’s degree in clinical biochemistry from the University of Madras (India) and a Ph.D. in microbiology and molecular genetics from Rutgers University. She did her postdoctoral fellowship at the National Cancer Institute.

Paul Silber

Paul Silber is the founding principal at Blu Venture Investors. He launched and grew the company In Vitro Technologies, Inc. for 15 years before he sold it for $30 million in 2006. He is currently board director or advisor to multiple companies as well as the Biotechnical Institute of Maryland. He also chairs the Greater Baltimore Technology Council’s Biotech Roundtable. Silber holds a Ph.D. in toxicology and is an inventor on five patents.